Warri/Abuja – Today 9/1/2017 at the Supreme court in Abuja, The Nigerian Federal Capital city , Chief Rita Lori Ogbebor the Igba of Warri kingdom continues her long and tortuous search for justice for her people in the illegal relocation of the Warri SW Local government headquarters from Ogidigben (THE ORIGINAL GAZETTED HEADQUARTER BY THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT OF NIGERIA) an Itsekiri community in Ugborodo under the over lordship of His majesty the Olu of Warri, His Majesty Ogiame Ikenwoli to Ogbe-Ijaw, an Ijaw quarter in Warri by ex governor of Delta State, James Ibori.

The case which started since 2002 is now about 11 year at the Supreme court due to the corruption in the judiciary, the complicity of some prominent Itsekiri politicians within the Delta State Government who profited heavily from the injustice against their people and the financial inducements from successive government officials both at the state and Federal level.

Case hearing at the Supreme Court of Nigeria, Abuja.

Chief Rita Lori has pursued this case of injustice against her people courageously alone for about 15 running as many who started with her have withdrawn, died in the struggle and many others did not see why the case should be pursued to its logical conclusion due to their selfish political interest and total lack of patriotism for the tribe.

At the resume hearing today , the absence of the A.G of Delta State has made the case to be adjourned to 21/3/2017 for hearing.

We believe that with the current reforms in the judiciary, the doggedness of Chief Rita Lori Ogbebor and all Itsekiri patriotism and support for this case, justice will surely be done in our favour.

Itsekiri ancestral Homelands will never be used by anybody or government to compensate those who murdered our innocent people, beheaded our old men and women, ripped open our pregnant women and dashed the heads of our babies against concrete jetties, burnt down all our communities, kidnapped and murdered our people returning for time off and committed genocide against the Itsekiri ethnic nationality while the State and Federal government that are suppose to protect us, turn the blind eye.

The original gazetted local government headquarters is Ogidigben not Ogbe Ijaw. Therefore, no amount of threat, fear, intimidation and political manipulations will ever stop the Itsekiri people from demanding for what is rightly their however long it may take.

At the Supreme Court premises, Abuja F.C.T

We hereby salute the strong patriotism and will of our dear Chief and mother Chief Rita Lori Ogbebor who for over 30 years, has stood up to fight and defend the cause of the oppressed Itsekiri citizens both from within and external.

We call on all Itsekiri sons and daughters to come out and be in court with her on 21/3/2017 especially those in Abuja.

Itsekiri water and land mass known as Warri kingdom, was handed over to us as one complete territory by our forefathers, we cant afford to loss an inch of the homelands because of politics, fear and the lack of nationhood in us.

The land is our identity, let us come out and protect our common heritage. The struggle for Itsekiri liberation on all fronts continues.

The MPIHDH is fully committed to this struggle for justice because our core values and fundamental objectives which is the bedrock of the Movement strongly prohibits the ceding of any inch of Itsekiri Homeland under the Crown to anybody , group or our customary tenants under any guise whatsoever.

National President,
Movement for the Protection of Iwerre Homeland, Development and History (MPIHDH),

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